The Pudding Club

No problem coming up with new ideas, the Ladies decided to hold a “Pudding Club”.

This consisted of a Pate with salad starter, followed by SIX puddings.

In order the pudding were

Bread and Butter

Creme Brulee


Raspberry Gratin

Sticky Toffee Pudding

And finally a beautiful light


All this was served with a very nice 17.5% dessert wine. We all had a very good night.

We have now had a second “Pudding Club Night”

The Starter as before was a Pate with salad.

This time the list of sweets was;

Apple Pie & Custard
Fruit Salad
Orange Cheese Cake
Eaton Mess
Then after a break we had
Lemon Surprise pudding
And finally
Raspberry Mousse.
All washed down with 14.5% dessert wine.

Ordinary People-Amazing Things.