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The purpose of the Beverley Lions Casino is to provide light hearted entertainment to compliment pre arranged charity events; Supper and Dinner functions and private parties.

The Casino is structured to ensure pleasurable entertained suitable for guests with a wide range of experience with the Casino environment.


From the outset guests are provided with simple instructions on how to play all the Games featured. The Game Masters at each table will provide advice and assistance to all players so ensuring that even the most inexperienced participants will gain the maximum enjoyment from the evening.

Organisers of previous events have recognised that the Casino is an entertainment experience for all to enjoy and its format can be tailored to meet a wide variety of fund raising activities and functions.

We recommend that “Initial chips” to participate in the various Games are supplied free of charge as part of the main function. As a consequence guests can have no fear of “losing their shirts” by the end of the evening.

The Beverley Lions Club provides all the specialist equipment and Games Masters required for a single fee.

Come along and enjoy the atmosphere of a professional Casino without any fear of embarrassment or financial risk.

Beverley Lions Club.


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